BEST Gluten Free Bread Machine Recipe I Could Find!

Try THE GLUTEN FREE MALL for some of  your ingredients. 

I have chosen and ordered one of the three bread machines reviewed here last week.  I’m pretty excited about it!  I hope you are too.

I don’t want to sound mysterious by not mentioning my choice yet though.  I just thought it best to wait until it arrives so I can share the excitement of getting it with you by video.  Please be sure to watch for it next week.

In the meantime, I have been searching through gluten free recipe blogs in an attempt to locate the best gluten free bread machine recipe I could find.  What I discovered is amazing!  There are many of them out there, but I have finally narrowed it down to one which I believe is really special.

Jules Speaks Gluten Free blog, is by Jules E. Dowler Shepard–who is reported to be one of the top experts on gluten free living in Washington!

As I took a ride through Jules Speaks Gluten Free I found myself feeling so good about the integrity of her products and presentations.   It made me want to make a trip up to Washington just to meet her.

Everything you might want to know about gluten free living is on her site in some form, and it is well organized and easy to find information on recipes and products that she offers–not to mention her very impressive credentials.   You have to go by Jules Speaks Gluten Free to see for yourself!

     The recipe that I found On Jules Speaks Gluten Free, and chose to try first, is her Gluten-Free Beer Bread.  I have always wanted to try beer bread, and this seemed a great opportunity to learn to make it–and eat it too!

In addition to the recipe below, I wanted to add one more link from Jules’ site–that being her Tips for Baking Better Gluten Free Bread–in the hopes that all of us newbes can save ourselves from some common mistakes.

This recipe can be printed out or can be saved to your computer, or you can just go over to Jules Speaks Gluten Free and print it out there.
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